STAR & Gateway Secondary School Early Childhood Education Programmes


Education to Employment - Secondary School and Beyond.


PORSE Education & Training (NZ) Ltd (PE&T) is an accredited Private Training Establishment with a strong focus on early childhood education and care.


The programmes we offer secondary school students provide relevant and purposeful training that enables students to gain hands-on, practical experience that will assist with their transition from study to work.

We offer unit standard based learning at Level 2 and Level 3 to STAR and Gateway learners selected from the following qualifications:

  • NZ Certificate in Early Childhood Learning and Care (Level 2)

  • NZ Certificate in Early Childhood Education and Care (Level 3)


PE&T offers high quality educational outcomes and in 2016 was awarded the

highest category available by NZQA (Category 1) for educational performance and


Education to employment pathways with PE&T

PORSE Education & Training (PE&T) provides a career pathway, offering students the opportunity to begin working on unit standards at school before transitioning straight from the classroom to further training and/or work in the early childhood sector.

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What PE&T can offer secondary schools?

  • A series of early childhood unit standards selected from the following qualifications:

    • New Zealand Certificate in Early Childhood Learning and Care (Level 2)

    • New Zealand Certificate in Early Childhood Education and Care (Level 3)

  • Programmes to suit individual schools and students.

  • Moderation and assessment.

  • Liaise with schools to document individual learning plans for each student.

  • Flexible start dates and length of study throughout the year - yet sufficient in length to enable real learning to take place.

  • Distance Learning (paper based), Tutor Support (school visits) or Online Learning (Moodle Online Platform).

  • Access to tutors who can provide support and guidance via phone, email, or Zoom online conferencing.

  • Webinar Tutorials for each unit standard that can be watched at the students’ convenience.

  • User-friendly unit standards based on sound early childhood theories.

  • Frequent monitoring and assessment of learning progress with regular updates shared with the school.

Testimonials from schools

Freyberg High School
Freyberg High School

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Whaimana ako – Stratford High School TPU
Whaimana ako – Stratford High School TPU

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Delivery models

A team of key staff are available at PE&T to support both students and co-ordinators, regardless of chosen delivery model, with any queries - be it a student requiring support with specific learning material or a co-ordinator unsure as to which unit standard/s to enrol their student/s in next.


Tutor Support Visit model

Our Tutor Support Visit model is available to schools with four or more students in areas where a tutor is available.


PE&T engages in a relationship-based model of learning, with the relationship and connection between student and teacher being an important component of how well a student will learn and how much they will enjoy learning.


The Tutor Support Visit model provides:

  • weekly or fortnightly visits depending on enrolment numbers

  • a regular opportunity for students to ask questions and discuss their work; one-on-one support

  • an interactive approach providing “teachable moments”

  • ongoing assessment of student’s work during visits


Our qualified Tutors are knowledgeable in working with the unit standards and supporting students to understand the material. Students can be working on the same or different unit standards at any given time and can receive help on an individual basis.

With all our qualified Tutors having had experience in the early childhood field, they are able to provide many varied real-life examples to make the theory students are studying come alive.

Having a PE&T Tutor support students within the school, facilitates a higher completion rate of unit standards; learners work through on average 3-4 unit standards per term and experience a 73% successful completion rate.

Distance learning model

Under this model, completed paper based Unit Standards are sent by the school to PORSE Education & Training for assessment, feedback and moderation.

The distance learning model provides:

  • access to a PORSE Tutor by phone, email or ZOOM

  • webinar tutorials for all unit standards

  • feedback and guidance on units submitted for assessment

Online learning model

We can now offer an online option for learners nationwide. Under this model, all Unit Standards are completed online and assessed online with feedback and moderation


The programme

Schools can choose a programme which meets the specific needs of their students.

To help start students off with their ECE studies, PE&T can recommend an order of completion based on the level at which they are studying.

As students’ progress though their studies, we can make further recommendations as to which unit standard to move onto next.

Our experience indicates that when a group of students are studying together, it is most beneficial if they can complete the same units at the same time (or at least start together). Peer support enables stronger assessment submissions and ensures specific timeframes for completion are met.

We currently offer seven units each for both Level Two and Level Three and review this offer annually. Our recommendation is that students enrol with 1-3 per term leaving them Term Four for resubmissions or study leave for other subjects and exams.

On leaving school, students can continue their study with PE&T in order to gain the New Zealand Certificate in Early Childhood Education & Care (Level 4). Students enrolled with a Teen Parent Unit can enrol their study with PE&T in order to gain the New Zealand Certificate in Early Childhood Education & Care (Level 4).


If you have students interested in studying Level 2 or Level 3 ECE Unit Standards, please email or phone 021 280 3045. Please ask any students who are interested in continuing their study to gain Level 4 to contact the PORSE Education and Training team directly via


Workplace component

A workplace component is incorporated into each student’s overall study and assessment programme.


A number of Unit Standards have a mandatory work placement requirement as per the Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria set in accordance with NZQA.

To fulfil this workplace component of study, students must be working with a child (or children) aged from birth to school entry, and it must take place in an early childhood setting or service. This includes home-based services (including a child’s family environment), centre-based services such as a childcare centre, kindergarten, play centre, Kohanga Reo or playgroup, and hospital-based services (paediatric playrooms) depending on the work placement criteria and learning outcomes. Those unit standards that do not require a work placement require the student to have a knowledge of pre-school children and their development.

The school is responsible for the arrangement of suitable work placements. PE&T provide some guidance as to how this can be approached and what is expected during a work placement for both the school and the ECE service. This is included in the STAR-Gateway School Handbook that is provided at the time of registration and enrolment to the Schools Co-ordinator.

Please note work placements CANNOT take place in a Primary School setting.

What’s next for your learners?

2018 saw us introduce the New Zealand Certificate in Early Childhood Education and Care (Level 4) to our tertiary learners.

This will provide a stronger pathway from secondary to tertiary education for those students wishing to pursue a career in early childhood education.

It will mean that your students wishing to pathway into further learning can benefit from completing Level 2 and Level 3 unit standards at school prior to transitioning into a Level 4 qualification with PE&T on leaving school. This provides a stronger pathway with a great steppingstone and taster of what is to come if they choose to continue their learning with PE&TE. Teen Parent students can apply whilst attending the Teen Parent Unit. Contact us via email or phone 021 280 3045 or 0800 626 643

Fees Free for Level 4

Students leaving school and enrolling in the New Zealand Certificate in Early Childhood Education & Care (Level 4) will most likely be eligible for Fees Free. Click here for more information of Fees Free

Student enrolment and learning material orders

To enrol students in the PE&T Star Gateway ECE programme and order learning materials, download, fill and email the form below to

Schools will be invoiced on a monthly basis. 

The invoices will be for unit standards purchased as well as any resources ordered or additional tutor visits. Payment is to be made by the 20th of the following month.


For any queries regarding accounts, please email well before due date.

Requesting and returning units for credit

To request a credit for learning guides, please complete the returns form and return this with the units.

Click here to download the form and email completed forms to 


To receive further information on the PE&T Star Gateway ECE Programme including the unit standards available and pricing structure or to request a Prospectus or Memorandum of Understanding email