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Nanny Intern Progamme

The PORSE Nanny Intern Programme is a programme specifically designed for young adults aged 17 to 25 who are interested in early childhood education, and to families willing to support their learning in a home environment.

Nanny Interns gain authentic and practical hands-on experience in caring for and teaching young children by working with a Training Family with pre-school children, two days a week for 20 weeks.

Not only do Nanny Interns receive specialised training related to childcare and home management, they are also enrolled in and work through the NZ2850 New Zealand Certificate in Early Childhood Education & Care – Level 4.

This programme is designed to give Nanny Interns the skills to:

• Enhance and promote learning opportunities for children

• Work alongside Training Families to advocate for child wellbeing and development

• Understand the critical importance of the first five years of life in building secure attachment relationships

   and promoting optimal early brain development

• Grow in self-esteem and confidence

• Develop reciprocal and responsive communication skills when interacting with children and adults.


The Training Family has an important role to play, supporting the student by providing guidance and supervision, and sharing the knowledge they have gained as a parent.

Entry requirements

Nanny Interns need to:


  • Be 17-25 years old

  • Be a NZ/Australian citizen or resident

  • Commit to 20 weeks of work experience (two 7 hours days per week) in a family home as a nanny

  • Commit to completing the New Zealand Certificate in Early Childhood Education & Care (Level 4) within the timeframe of the programme

  • Commit to completing a Child First Aid Certificate

  • meet the Children’s Act 2014 safety check requirements by completing a Police Vetting Service Request and Consent Form which must be processed with a ‘Satisfactory Result’.

  • Meet all the NZ Certificate in ECE & Care – Level 4 study entry requirements (Level 2 or above).

  • Before starting work placement with a Training Family Nanny Interns must have completed a Child First Aid course. This will be organised by the NIP Facilitator and will be delivered by St John First Aid.



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As a Graduating Nanny Intern, you'll have a number

of career options including:

  • Continue to work in the ECE sector at home, either as a home-based Educator or Nanny

  • Enrol in continuing ECE education (diploma or degree)

  • Work with children in an ECE service as a support worker

  • Travel New Zealand and the world as a Nanny!

What does it cost?

The Nanny Intern Programme cost $2,400 plus a $50 application fee.


This includes your enrolment into the NZ Certificate in Early Childhood Education & Care (Level 4) as well as the Child First Aid and invaluable hands-on work experience.


What do Training Families provide?

A Training Family will have at least two pre-schoolchildren. You will use your learning and experience with their children to complete sections of your course work and enhance your understanding of the practical application of the course theory.


Training Families have committed to providing you with direct supervision and guidance for 50% of the time you’re based in their home, either working from home or popping in and out regularly.


We’ll match you with a family to ensure the best possible outcome for both you and the family.


Course Details

2021 Semester Dates

Semester One
Start date: 22 February 2021

End date: 9 July 2021

Semester Two
Start date: 26 July 2021
End date: 12 December 2021

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Want to become a Nanny Training Family?