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Fees and funding

Information on the specific course fees is included on the course page. 


All fees are in New Zealand dollars and are GST inclusive.

If you are a domestic student, you may be eligible for the fee-free study offered by the Government. Domestic students include:

• New Zealand citizens.

• Cook Islands, Tokelau or Niue citizens, studying there or in New Zealand.

• Permanent resident of New Zealand (including Australian citizens or permanent residents) living in New Zealand.

Course fees need to be paid before the start date of each course.

The fees shown on this website are correct at time of publication but may be subject to change. Final fee costs will be confirmed as part of your enrolment.

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Fees free study


If this is the first time you are doing tertiary study, you could be eligible for fees-free study.

If you think you qualify you will need to check the fees-free website to confirm this. You will need to have your National Student Index number on hand. Your eligibility status must show as ‘Yes’. 

If the website shows you are not eligible or if it can’t determine your eligibility and it shows ‘Maybe’, but you believe you do qualify, you will need to follow the website instructions to prepare a statutory declaration for provider-based study. 

The Tertiary Education Commission will review that declaration and let you know if you are eligible. This process should be completed before you submit your enrolment application to us. 

There is also a call centre to provide support for learners: Free phone 0800 687 775

To be eligible for fees free study you must be a New Zealand citizen.

There are no age requirements or age restrictions for the government fees free study.

To check if you’re eligible, visit the fees-free website and enter your National Student Number (NSN). If you don’t have an NSN, contact the New Zealand Qualifications Authority on 0800 697 296.

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Student loan


Student loans and allowances are administered by StudyLink the government agency that manages student loans. If you want to apply for a student loan you need to contact them separately when you apply to enrol with us. We cannot apply on your behalf.


For more information on a student loan through Studylink CLICK HERE or call 0800 88 99 00.

Fee payment options


You can pay your fees by:

Credit card (MasterCard and Visa only). You will be emailed an invoice with a link to our online credit card payment site when your enrolment is approved.

Internet or branch banking. We can receive payment via online banking. You need to use your full name as a reference when making your payments.

Student loan. Contact StudyLink for information on student loans, including what courses are approved for payment by student loans. You will need to contact them separately as soon as you apply to enrol in one of our courses as we cannot apply on your behalf.


For more information on a student loan through Studylink CLICK HERE

Withdrawals and refunds

If you wish to withdraw from a course, you will need to advise your Training Tutor and submit a written request to withdraw by email or complete (and email) a withdrawal form (a withdrawal form can be printed from the online Student Handbook). 

If you withdraw from the programme up to 10 working days from your official start date, you will be refunded your full fees less any administration costs, amounting to no greater than 10% of the total fees paid. Your email must be received by PORSE Education & Training within the specified timeframe. 


If you withdraw from the programme after 10 working days of your enrolment start date, fees will not

be refunded.