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About us

PORSE Education & Training (NZ) Ltd (PET) is an accredited Private Training Establishment with a strong focus on early childhood education and care and nurturing respectful relationships between adults and children. 


We have established training and education programmes based on NZQA unit standards. These programmes encourage learners to become more knowledgeable, thoughtful and sensitively attuned to a child’s emotional wellbeing and developing mind in the early years.

The focus of the programmes offered by PET is to provide relevant and purposeful training that enables learners to gain the skills and hands-on practical experience they require to transition from study to work.

PORSE Education & Training (NZ) Ltd is a category 1 provider registered and accredited by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) to deliver the New Zealand Certificate in Early Childhood Education & Care (Level 4) as well as a selection of Level 2 and Level 3 unit standards delivered in secondary schools as a part of the STAR-Gateway programmes.


Accolades/ Achievements


In the recently completed EER (External Evaluation and Review), PORSE Education and Training (PE&T) has received excellent feedback and proudly remains a NZQA Category 1 provider –  the highest possible rating. NZQA is highly confident in the educational performance and highly confident in the capability in self-assessment at PORSE Education and Training.


According to the report:

The change in governance and management has allowed PE&T to be more proactive and innovative in ensuring sustainability for the organisation. Systems are enhanced for efficiency and the continuous quality of both programme delivery and pastoral support to learners.


PE&T’s systematic gathering and analysis of meaningful data means that it has a good grasp of achievement and outcomes, the factors affecting them, and effective and efficient ways to address any concerns.


The support students receive from tutors is a significant contributing factor to their motivation and engagement in learning. With the programme being online, regular communication helps tutors to identify learning needs and address any concerns at the outset. There is also an effective system in place to ensure that compliance accountabilities are managed well.

Meet the Team


Bhavini Doshi



Rrahul Dosshi

Managing Director 

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Niamh Kelly

Group Academic Manager

Sushmita Basnet.JPG

Sushmita Basnet

Administration & Quality Assurance Coordinator

Training Tutors

Claire Reading.JPG

Claire Reading

Education and Training Tutor Auckland

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Adrianne Chilton

Facilitator of Curriculum Design & Delivery

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Jordin Whyman

Education and Training Tutor Wellington, South Island

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Mata Tepania

Education & Training Development Support

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Viv Neale

Education and Training Tutor Taranaki, Hawke’s Bay, Bay of Plenty, Waikato

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Kayla Tepania

Education & Training Administrator

Bhavini Doshii, the founder and CEO of The Rainbow Corner Childcare and Home-Based Care, is an inspirational and motivational leader. She has the ability and passion to develop the vision of leading New Zealand’s high-quality childcare and PORSE

home-based care.

A finalist in the Best Businesswoman in 2018, Bhavini has clear objectives and expectations and a strong commitment to the wellbeing of children and community development.

Her philanthropist view is “It takes the whole village to raise a child”.

Bhavini takes pride in her culturally diverse team which reflects the bicultural and multicultural community of New Zealand.

Rrahul Dosshi brings more than 26 years of international management experience to The Rainbow Corner Group of Companies. Much of his career has been spent in Maritime industry, both at sea and ashore where he served in a variety of leadership roles including Ship’s Captain, Harbour Master, Marine Officer, Health and Safety Coordinator for a port, airport and log industry and most recently, Head of Faculty for a premium Educational Institute in Auckland, New Zealand.

Having graduated in Business Management from Massey University, Auckland, Rrahul is a forward thinker, true visionary and

driver of change.